Palestinian Kilim Rugs, hand-spun and hand woven from 100% natural wool

Naseej has no factory of any kind. Our rugs are home made, hand-made, and hand-woven from 100% natural wool. Naseej local purchasers go from home to home looking for the best Palestinian rugs. We check the quality of the wool, the weaving process, the colors as well as the design. The following photos demonstrate the process followed in the making of every Palestinian Kilim….

After the yarn is bought from the shepherds, it is hand-spun into threads and then dyed according to the desired color. These three steps alone could take up to 2 weeks for a single rug. Mothers and daughters in the same home work on it together to speed up the process.  

After the yarn dries up from the dying, every two threads are skeined together to be used in the weaving. After this step, the yarn is compiled as wool balls of every needed color. In step five, the weaver sets the loom on the ground and starts creating the warps and wefts. When the rug starts taking shape, the weaver adds the tassels or the fringes.