Palestinian Kilim Rugs, hand-spun and hand woven from 100% natural wool

Em Issa, Roqaya and em Riyad are examples of Palestinian women who have decided to face their challenging realities by reviving the local art of rug weaving.


Several young ladies in Roqaya’s village have followed her footsteps into learning how to set looms and the art of weaving. She has been a true leader in reviving this local art. She is a big believer of protecting heritage while adding a touch of modernity to it.

Em Riyad

For over 40 years Em Riyad has been weaving rugs in order to help her family make a living. Right below the little vineyard in front of her home, she sets her ground loom every summer and uses the yarn brought from her husbands sheep to make beautiful Bedouin kilims.

Em Issa

Meet Em Issa, 62 and mother of five. She still remembers he childhood days when her grandmother started teaching her mother the art of rug weaving in the village of Samo’, south of Palestine. It is weavers like Em Issa that have kept this generation-old tradition alive and ongoing. Before we met Em Issa, she was only weaving rugs for her family, now Em Issa is weaving for Native Naseej