Palestinian Kilim Rugs, hand-spun and hand woven from 100% natural wool

Rug weaving is not new to Palestine, but it is a diminishing practice. Generation after generation, Palestinian women invested long days and nights in weaving and knotting their rugs.

In various Palestinian villages, the largely-accepted custom was that a mother would give her daughter a “mazwadeh” on her wedding day to use in her new house. The colors and the quality of the rug would reflect on the name of the family and mothers would take pride in their work in front of other ladies in the village. Learning this practice was part of home education for females.

Palestinian rugs are ground-loom Kilims recognized by their rich wide red strips and arrows of black, green and white. Different villages offer different designs and various color combinations. The majority of our Palestinian Kilims come from the countryside of the city of Hebron which are best known for best colorings, best knotting and best finishing.

Native Naseej is a socially responsible business that aims to preserve this quality ancient handicraft. Naseej aims to open international markets to those Palestinian weavers while maintaining the highest standards of quality and finishing for buyers. Naseej aims to take role in reviving the native tradition of rug-weaving in rural Palestine.

1960 - A Palestinan woman making