Palestinian Kilim Rugs, hand-spun and hand woven from 100% natural wool

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Bedouin Kilim. Hand made Palestinian Rug. Extra long extra wide runner. The fringes at both ends add a homy feel to the runner. There are some stains. 100% Natural Wool. Very colorful. Condition : Very Good Size Feet : 12X4.9
Bedouin Kilim, Handmade Palestinian Carpet, Very colourful strips with nice taseles that are are in good condition, 100% natural wool, very wide nool was used to craft this carpet. Condition: Very Good. Size in feet: 11.4X4.7
Bedouin Kilim. Hand made Palestinian Rug. Collectable item. One of a kind. This "margoum" has been weaved almost 80 years ago in the coastal area of Palestine, most probably Majdal. The blend of dark and bright colors with the unique braided fringes make this runner a dream for every carpet collector. Moreover, this runner has a combination of ground loom weaving and hand-knotting which means that the making lasted much longer. 100% natural wool. No stains, no tares.
Bedouin Kilim, Unusual Original Handmade Palestinian Runner, Traditional Hujra design, the wool used to make this carpet was spinned with Goat hair to give the original grey colour, with vibrant orange and red colours for the strips, in excellent condition and very large runner. Collectable piece. Excellent Condition. Size in feet: 19X3.3
Bedouin Kilim. Hand made Palestinian Runner. Unusal design and colour which is 100% natural wool colour, mint condition, pretty clean with only a small unnoticed small spot. Excellent Condition. Size in feet: 12.7X3
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5 Item(s)
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