Palestinian Kilim Rugs, hand-spun and hand woven from 100% natural wool

No piece like the other

We hand-pick every single carpet we buy. Every piece in our collection has a totally different story than the rest of the collection. Our collection guarantees you a one-of-a-kind Palestinian Kilim that will turn your house into a home through its attractive colors and traditional-contemporary designs


Not a single machine is involved in the making of Palestinian carpets. Our whole collection consists of rugs, carpets and runners that are fully hand-made by women of Palestinian villages and Bedouin compounds.

Hand-spun natural wool

Palestinian Kilims, or “Bosot” as they are locally named, are made of hand-spun 100% natural wool that is traditionally acquired from home-grown sheep.

Protecting Palestinian Heritage

Buying from Native Naseej helps maintain the diminishing heritage of rug weaving in Palestine.

Empowering Women in Marginalized Communities

Our blanks are not mere house-wives. They participate proactively in the prosperity of their community and their homes. Women in these marginalized areas have a chance to support their husbands in the sustenance of their families. Buying from Native Naseej provide a stable source of income for these blanks.

Fair-Trade & Social Responsibility

We pride ourselves for being a fair-trade handicrafts business. We deal directly with the makers of our rugs and carpets. We buy their hand-weaves for fair market prices. Additionally, we have a commitment of contributing 10% of our profits to the benefit of the communities that work with Native Naseej.