Palestinian Kilim Rugs, hand-spun and hand woven from 100% natural wool


  1. Why are the colours of my Palestinian Kilim not consistent?

The dying process is all hand done and some yarns used in the weaving are not 100% identical colour and also the age and use has an impact of in consistency.

  1. Why is there sizing variance in my rugs?

All our rugs are hand-made by weavers who set their looms at home. Because these rugs are not machine-made, it is expected to have a slight variance in size that is in most cases unnoticeable.

  1. Where do most of your rugs come from?

Our rugs are weaved in different Palestinian villages around southern Palestine, villages of Bethlehem and Hebron, Samoa, A’abedia, Beit Sahour, Teqwa’a,

  1. What do your rugs normally weigh?

Rugs that size 3x2 meter weigh between 12 – 15 Kilo and smaller Medium rugs weigh between 6 – 9 Kilos and dimensional

  1. Where does your wool come from?

Our wool is all locally sourced from different Bedouins and local farmers, that shave their wools in the spring time where we collect and source the wool for weaving process,

  1. Is your wool naturally dyed?

No our wool is all chemical or imported dyes that is mixed with the water and wool soaked for dying,

  1. Can you include new motifs to the design?

Our designs are 5 traditional designs with geometrical paterns and some hand knotted motifs are done in Margoum Design and over Bsat,

  1. Do you make solid colours?

Yes we do, it is Not one of the Palestinian traditional design but you can order of solid colour like white bsa from our collection,

  1. How long does it take to order a new rug?

Depending on the availability of

  1. Is the price calculated by square meter or by piece?

Our rugs prices is calculated according to different elements which is, design, colours, weaver, quality, size , age and condition and therefore it’s a total price of a piece rather than meter square,